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Small for size syndrome (s)

Small for size (SFS) syndrome is a condition which causes considerable confusion partly because the term has been extended beyond its original meaning. It was initially used to describe the situation in liver transplantation where a patient develops liver dysfunction … Continue reading

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A quick and easy technique for patching small holes in the portal vein.

During pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple’s or Kausch-Whipple procedure depending on where you are from), tumours are often found to be adherent or invading the wall of the portal vein. This can render resection impossible or require a major portal vein resection as … Continue reading

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Pringle Manouevre Explained – an exceptional story

The Pringle manoeuvre describes a technique frequently used in liver surgery to control bleeding while dividing the liver parenchyma (liver substance) by applying a clamp or other compressive device to the porta hepatis at the foramen of Winslow as shown … Continue reading

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Selective or total inflow occlusion? You be the judge

This is my latest highlight from the journal HPB The best way to control bleeding during the parenchymal transection phase of liver resection remains controversial. Using a selective approach to vascular inflow occlusion has the benefit of avoiding ischemia to … Continue reading

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