Transplantation ethics Glasgow Science Festival

Well here goes a bit of an experiment. I recently gave a lecture in the Goodall symposium at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow as part of the Glasgow Science festival. I used the zooming presentation platform Prezi to do this and the link is below. You should be able to navigate your way through my talk by clicking on the prezi button that appears in the centre of the screen, wait for it to load then either use your keyboard right or left arrow keys or the buttons at the bottom of the presentation. The talk is about Transplantation Ethics and I was trying to get across the idea that many ethics decisions in transplantation are all about balance (hence some of the pictures). All of the scenarios are based on real events although I have obviously changed the details  to make the cases unidentifiable. There is no commentary but hopefully you will be able to follow the threads.

With prezi it is probably best not to go too fast or you could make yourself feel nauseous!

link  Transplantation ethics Glasgow Science Festival

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