How to write an abstract

So I am currently in Paris with 3000 other liver surgeons. I gave a talk yesterday in the “Meet the Editors Sessions” which have been a great success based on the fact that half the audience had to stand.

I wrote this talk in my capacity as an author, a reviewer and as an editor so hopefully I have a reasonable perspective on the pitfalls and problems with abstracts.

Here is a slideshow of my talk which is a bit flat without the accompanying repartee however I have posted it after several requests.

In order not to risk offending anyone by taking examples of good and bad abstracts from the literature I have created a fictitious study around which the talk is based which hopefully highlights some of the common things that people do which are poor practice and also highlights the right way to do things.

I have never posted a slideshow before so may well have got it all wrong. You can control the slides manually or let it run as a show.

If this works I may bore you with more.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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